We have carefully selected our pedicure chairs to provide the finest pedicure experience.  Our chairs are equipped to message your entire back while a jet spa foot-bath radiates LED lights to eliminate unwanted germs and bacteria.

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Bella Signature Pedi | 30 minutes $25

Relax and unwind with our classic pampering pedicure experience. It begins with a therapeutic mineral salt soak to provide natural exfoliation and hydration for your tired feet. Next, the nails are clipped, filed and shaped, and the cuticles pushed back and trimmed. The nails are then buffed to a healthy shine and conditioned. This pedicure includes a callus treatment and ends with a soothing massage complimented with steamy towel wraps. Choose a natural or polished finish.

OPI Pedicure | 40 minutes, $38

Paradise for your feet. Immerse your feet into the pampering world of OPI. Incorporating the sumptuous botanical extracts  and hydrating properties of OPI’s Pedicure, feet are soothed, scrubbed, softened and hydrated with a soothing masque for the ultimate treat. Complimented with steamy towels and ending with a therapeutic massage. This service includes cuticle care, shaping, and callus treatment. Choose a natural or polished finish.

VOESH Deluxe 4-Step Pedicure | 50 minutes $47


Enriched with the key-ingredients to give your feet the nutrition that it needs.

Choose your cure:

Exhausted? Vitamin Recharge

Feeling Discomfort? Jasmine Soothe

Feeling Dull? Mango Delight

Swollen Feet? Ocean Refresh

Stressed? Lavender Relieve

Need Some Glow? Cucumber Fresh

Detox Time! Green Tea Detox

Fatigue? Tangerine Twist

Dehydrated? Lemon Quench

Rough? Olive Sensation

Dry heels?

This pedicure includes foot mask socks (one-time use). Loaded with Shea butter and collagen rich emulsion to tame hard. cracked heels and leave your tootsies soft and moisturized. This serve includes cuticle care and shaping, callus treatment, steamy towel wraps, and therapeutic massage.

White Tea THERAISPA | 60 mins $65

Contains natural organic ingredients with no animal origin ingredients, benzophenones, microbeads, minerals oils, parabens, phthalates and talc additives. 

Submerge your soles in our warm ocean mineral bath that increases moisture and nourishment level and helps to ease muscle  tension & soreness. Finely ground walnuts shells offer gentle, yet effective exfoliation without microbeads to eliminate dry skin and soften calluses. French green clay masque penetrates nutrition to skin, promotes muscle relaxation and blood circulation and gently peels away dead skin cells to reveal more youthful, healthier skin layer. Then the skin is enveloped with white tea massage soufflé a soft, relaxing, aromatic scrent and hydrating skin treatment that leaves skin soft and smooth without any residue complimented with an extended hot stone massage. This service includes cuticle care and shaping, callus treatment and steamy towel wraps. Choose a natural or polished finish.

BellaGrande Ultimate Pedi | 75 mins $75

Seeking a royal treatment? Our ultimate pedicure is an extended aromatic, nourishing and pampering pedicure. It begins with a hydrating aqua leaf sea salt cleanse and a moisture rich therapeutic soak that is designed to drain away toxins and soften dry, rough skin. This includes meticulous detailing of nails & cuticles followed by an intensive callus treatment. Luscious creamy sloughing exfoliating creme followed by an intensive massage to eliminate dead skin cells and soften calluses. Beneficial mineral rich clay masque applied to the lower legs and feet to cleanse and purify the skin complimented with steamy hot towel wraps to draw out toxins. Then, your skin is refreshed and replenished with a fresh mandarin citrus toner treatment. This pedicure ends with a 15 minute rich butter creme hot stone therapeutic massage with a choice of a natural or polished finish.

La Petit Spa Pedicure (Age 8 & under) | 25 mins $17

For our petites clients. A gentle service including nail shaping and massage. Just like mom’s signature pedicure only smaller. Choice of natural or polished finish.


Bella Signature Mani | 20 mins $14

Our signature manicure begins with restorative nail shaping and a warm cuticle soak for a soothing and effective grooming, followed by a light massage. Choose a natural or polished finish.

Gel Color Manicure| 40 mins $35

Our signature manicure finished with a hybrid product applies like a polish and set with LED light but wear like a gel: no chip for up to two week, no smudges, no dry time, the formula is thin & flexible polish to provide strong natural nail protection with a shiny finish.

Additional $5 Gel Color Removal

OPI Manicure | 35 mins $28

This refreshing concoction will nourish the mind, body, and soul. This soft botanical aroma inspires a sense of relaxation and deep hydration for the skin. Includes an exfoliating sugar scrub, a hydrating mask wrap to hands and arms with hot towel. Hands and arms are massaged with indulgent creme enriched with aromatherapeutic essences that will leave you with soft, supple skin. Choose a natural or polished finish.

White Tea THERAISPA | 45 mins $40

More than a manicure a -pampering process. A therapeutically detoxifying treatment using certified 100% pure white tea combined with natural ingredients to help soothe and moisturize the skin, increase circulation, and promote a sense of calmness.Included pure gentle exfoliating walnut scrub without microbeads and hydrating french green clay masque treatment wrap with hot towels. Then the skin is enveloped with White Tea Massage Soufflé a soft, relaxing, aromatic scent and hydrating skin treatment that leaves skin soft and smooth without any residue complimented with an extended massage. Cuticles and nails are groomed and tidied ready a perfect finish of a natural or polish finish.


Every woman loves long, thick, luscious lashes, but not all of us have been blessed with them. Applying false strip lashes everyday may be a hassle. Eyelash extension will give you the look that you have always wanted. You can choose a natural or dramatic look depending on your preference. You don’t have to worry about applying mascara or curling your eyelashes every morning. The process of applying a full set of eyelashes takes about 2-3 hours and can last from 4-5 weeks depending on the way you care for them. We use mink eyelashes for the soft feel and natural look. To maximize the wear of your eyelashes, we advise your eyes free of makeup. We can ensure you that you will fall in love with them. Appointment  can Only be made by phone and will require a card on file.

Appointments: We require appointments to be made by phone for Eyelash Extensions and a credit card will be placed on hold. If you fail to show up for your appointment your credit card may be charged up to 50% of the service value. We allow a window of up to 5 minutes past appointment time, if you show up after 5 minutes beyond the appointment time, you will have to reschedule your appointment or work with your technician on availability if any for same day.

Cancellation Policy: Cancellation must be made within 24hr prior to appointment time. Anything after that will be a 50% charge for cancellation or failure to appear.

Nova lash (reg) set
Novalash -Mink Fill Ins $85
Removal $30.00
Nova lash (reg) fill Ins$75
Novalash – Volume Set$300
Novalash – Volume Fill$100

After Care Tips to extend the life of your eyelashes:

  • Immediately upon leaving your appointment with a certified NovaLash stylist you can shower, swim, go in the sauna, or do hot yoga.
  • Use cleanLASH by NovaLash, 3-in-1 makeup remover, cleanser, & conditioner system to cleanse lashes free of makeup and other debris every night. The pads are saturated with pomegranate seed oil to moisturize and condition extensions so they remain radiant and flexible.
  • Use the Lashwand to brush your extensions every morning and night to reduce tangling and flipping of the extensions.
  • Avoid the use of cleansers and eye makeup removers that contain solvent-like ingredients such as glycols and carbonates as they can reduce the wear time of your new lashes.
  • Avoid pulling, picking, or twisting lash extensions. This can cause damage to natural lashes and may lead premature shedding of your extensions.
  • Curling of NovaLash Eyelash Extensions is not recommend. The extensions come pre-curled so additional curling is not necessary and doing so may shorten the lifespan of the extensions.
  • Use only mascara by NovaLash on your extensions to blend in natural lashes with extensions when a touch-up appointment is needed. This water-soluble, hypoallergenic formula was developed specially for use with NovaLash Eyelash Extensions. Waterproof mascara should not be used.

Waxing Services

Shaving and tweezing can be a chore that does not last long. The wax is designed for all hair types, it wraps around the hair follicle, pulling it from the root leaving your skin soft and smooth. Our experienced technician offers a variety of wax services, including bikini, Brazilian, and underarm. As much as we love the idea of making your skin smooth and hairless, we would like our clients to have the safest experience.

Before any wax services is performed, please informed our technicians if you are:

  • Taking any of the following drugs or topicals; Retin A, Accutane, Tetracycline, Glycolic Acid or Alpha Hydroxy treatments.
  • Pregnant because pregnancy can cause sensitive skin due to the retention of water.
  • Sunburnt or have been in direct sunlight for a long period of time within the last 24 hours.
  • Getting chemotherapy or radiation for cancer therapy.

**The following listed above weakens the skin and abrasion may occur once wax is removed from the skin. Thus, it is not recommended to have any wax services performed.

Post Waxing Care:
Any activities that may cause you to sweat such as exercising should be avoided for 24 hours.

Full Face$40+
Side Burn$8
Upper Lip$6
Full Arm and Hands$40+
Under Arm$20+
Full Legs$55+
Half Legs$45+
Toes $5
Threading- Eye Brow$20


GEL, OPI, IBD & A la Carte

GEL Polish (OPI)

GEL Polish$25
GEL Polish with Manicure$35
GEL Polish on Toes$30
GELl Polish with Manicure (French)$40
GEL Polish (OPI w/Renewal)$30
Soak Off w/ Renewal$5
Take Off (Only)$10

A La Carte

Hands Polish$8
Toes Polish$10
Buff Shine$5
Nails removal$10
Shinny Gel Coat$5
Collagen Socks$7
CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN (polish line)$12

Nail Enhancement

Acrylic Full Set$33
Acrylic Fill In$23
Glitter Acrylic Full Set$50
Glitter acrylic Fill In*$25
Glitter Acrylic Back Fill$40
Pink & White Powder Full Set$55
Pink Fill In$30
Acrylic Pink and White Back Fill $45
Pink Acrylic Set$35
Crystal Gel Full Set$35
Crystal Gel Fill In$25
IBD UV Liquid Gel Full Set$45
IBD UV Liquid Gel Fil In$35
Xtream Liquid Gel Pink & White Full Set$65
Xtream Liquid Gel Back Fill$50
SNS Natural/Color Set$50
SNS Natural/Color Set Fill$45
SNS Pink & White Set$60
SNS Pink & White Back Fill$45
SNS Pink Fill$35
2 Toe Acrylic Set$20
2 Toe Acrylic Fill$15
SNS-OMBRE set$65
SNS-OMBRE fill$55

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