OPI Pedicure
35  minutes  │  $38.00

Mini Mud Spa Pedicure

Bella Mini Spa Pedicure in addition to a hydrating mud masque applied to the lower legs and wrapped with steamed towels.

35  minutes  │  $27

Bella Signature Spa Pedicure

Relax and unwind with our signature pampering pedicure experience. It begins with a therapeutic mineral salt soak to provide natural exfoliation and hydration for your tired feet. Next, the nails are clipped, filed and shaped, and the cuticles pushed back & trimmed. The nails are then buffed to a healthy shine and conditioned. Intensive callus treatment followed by a sea salt glow to the lower legs and feet to eliminate dry skin and soften calluses. This is followed by a stimulating marine mud masque applied to lower legs and feet wrapped with steamy towels. This journey ends with a 5-minute soothing hot oil massage. Choose a natural or polished finish.

40  minutes  │  $35

BellaGrande Spa Pedicure

Our facial for your feet BellaGrande Spa Pedicure is an extended aromatic and nourishing ultimate pedicure. This pedicure begins with a hydrating aqua leaf sea salt cleanse and a moisture rich therapeutic soak that is designed to drain away toxins and soften dry, rough skin. This includes meticulous detailing of nails & cuticles followed by an intensive callus treatment. Luscious creamy sloughing exfoliating crème followed by an intensive massage to eliminate dead skin cells and soften calluses. Beneficial mineral rich clay masque applied to the lower legs and feet to cleanse and purify the skin complimented with steamy hot towel wraps. Then, your skin is refreshed and replenished with a fresh mandarin citrus toner treatment. This pedicure ends with a 15-minute rich butter cream hot stone massage with a choice of a natural or polished finish.

75  minutes  │  $75

Hydrating Cranberry Bliss Pedicure

Detoxify your feet with the natural antioxidant and vitamins from our Hydrating Cranberry Bliss Pedicure. This hydrating cranberry infused pedicure utilizes cranberry derived enzymes along with fruit acids designed to gently remove keratinized dead skin cells and calluses. Rich cranberry polishing crème & nourishing clay masque enzymes remove the top layers of skin leaving a younger smoother skin with uniform pigmentation. The skin is then enveloped in a 10-minute succulent cranberry butter cream hot stone massage that contains Shea Butter, Cranberry Seed oil, Vitamin A, C, D and E for softer silkier, smoother skin provides antibacterial properties to the treatment. Choose a natura or polished finish

65  minutes  │  $60

Bella Mini Spa Pedicure

Our Mini Spa Pedicure is perfect for when you need beautiful toes with minimal frills or a pick me up between regular spa pedicures. Here you will enjoy a relaxing soak, basic cuticle care, nail clipping, nail filing and shaping, followed by a quick cleanup of the soles & heels, and a light lotion massage. Choose a natural or polished finish.

30  minutes  │  $22

Invigorating Peppermint Bliss Pedicure

Ideal for walkers and runners, this treatment is perfect for fatigued and swollen feet. This invigorating treatment is designed to cool down and revitalize tired, aching feet. This stimulating pedicure begins with an exhilarating aromatherapy eucalyptus soak, cuticle and nail grooming. Next, calluses are exfoliated with our special callus treatment. Then followed by a smoothing leg & foot aloe exfoliation. Hydrating tension-relieving masque is then applied to the lower legs and feet complimented with steamy towel wraps and ending with a 10-minute therapeutic menthol cooling gel and hot stone massage. Choose a natural or polished finish.

50  minutes  │  $45